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Custom ambigrams by Tiffany Harvey

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What is an Ambigram?
I like to think of ambigrams as a merging of calligraphy and optical illusions. While there are many ways to warp a word, I focus on rotational designs ~ one word appears the same when upside down, or flips to create a whole new word.

How to Order ~
I would be happy to create a custom ambigram for you! Check the Custom Orders page for more information on pricing and how to place an order. There you can also find links that will let you view the ambigrams separated by fonts, embellishments, circle/diamond layouts, and more.

Or, visit the Gallery to see all of my ambigrams in one place, starting with the most recent designs.I post each and every one of my designs, not just a few of my favorites, so that you can get a really good feel for how your own design will turn out.


One word ambigrams ~
Use a first name, last name, any one word!
This design will read the same upside down.

Amy Ambigram




"Amy", "Strength", "Lorrye"



Two word ambigrams ~
One word turns upside down to reveal a second word.
Display one word at a time, or both together
to create a symmetrical design.
Pair a couple's name, a first and last name,
two opposites, or any two words.

Daniel & 

Jackie Ambigram


Humphrey Ambigram
"Daniel" & "Jackie", "Anthony Humphrey"

Hank & 

Mary Ambigram
"Hank" & "Mary"
Tiffany & Justin Ambigram
"Tiffany" & "Justin"


"Kevin" "Ginger", "Taylor" & "Trent"
3 words or more ~
2 names not enough? There are
many ways to use multiple
names or words.

Pair the names together, or rotate each separately, and then choose a fun arrangement. Link them together to create an anklet or armband tattoo. Arc the names in a circular design with an image, or another ambigram, in the middle. Three or four names can also be formed into a diamond shape.

What can I do with my ambigram?

Your custom ambigram can be used in many ways, here are a few ideas:

  • Use a pair of names or words for a unique tattoo
  • Use a couple's name for a wedding gift, anniversary gift, Valentine's Day gift...
  • Use a first and last name for a baby shower gift or birthday gift
  • Create a logo for a business or band name
  • Proudly display your username or nickname
  • Create personalized invitations, cards, stationary...
  • Create graphics for your myspace, personal or business website
  • See how others are using their ambigrams in my Customer Gallery!
    Customer pictures

    All images are copyright by Tiffany Harvey.
    The designs are for sale and should not be used in any way
    without permission. Images should not be re-posted without a link.