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Custom Ambigrams
Please read all of the information below before sending in your order!

Prices ~

One Word Ambigrams - $40 (USD)
One name (or word) that reads the same up-side down.
(Words 10 letters or over - $50)

Two Word Ambigrams - $50 (USD)
One name (or word) rotates to reveal another name.
Display one name at a time, or both together for easy viewing.

*Note ~ the 2-word ambigrams in my gallery show both names together so that you can easily see each without having to flip the image or your computer monitor. These are the same as the animated designs on the front page that only show only one name at a time.

3 or more Words ~
3 Words - $90, 4 Words - $100, 5+ Words - Ask for pricing
Here are some different layout ideas. Click below for more examples.




Embellishments ~
Your choice of font is included in the price, but embellishments around the design do cost extra. The price depends on the complexity, but is usually between $10-20. Click the pic for more examples.

Other designs ~
Check out my Hearts page for names drawn in the shape of a heart. For other work, contact me about pricing. Examples here.


What will I get with my order?
You will recieve a set of digital files of your design through email. I will send you smaller files (good for using online), and higher resolution images, which can be re-sized and print perfectly. If you are ordering a 2-Word ambigram, I will send each name as a separate file so you can arrange them however you like. Display one name at a time, or use both together for a framed print.

What words or names will work?
Almost any 1-Word ambigram is possible, but it can be harder to pair two names for a 2-Word ambigram. The two names used must be similar in length, no more than a three letter difference (you may want to count any "m"s or "w"s as two letters).

However, there are other options if the combination you want does not work out. If you are using the names of a couple, don't forget about formal names, or nick-names that may be more similar in length. Or, we can always create a separate ambigram for each name.

Fonts ~

I love working in a variety of fonts, and most ambigrams can be made in any style. Browse through the links below to see my designs categorized by font style & pick out a few of your favorites. Just tell me the words or names used in your favorite designs and I will base your design on those fonts.

*Click on the thumbnails for more examples and more fonts*

Script Font Styles ~





More Script

Old English Font Styles ~

Old English

Old English

More Old
English Fonts

Other Font Styles ~





Tiffany &




Want even more choices? Visit dafont.com for a font overload!
(Not all of their fonts will work with ambigrams)

How do I order?
Send me an email at tiffany.g.harvey@gmail.com.

Let me know what words/names you would like to use, what the design is for (tattoo, framed gift, etc.), and what font you would like. I will check to make sure the combinations are possible before you send your payment. (There is an extra fee to use designs on items for sale)

For payments, I can take checks, money orders, and credit or debit cards through Paypal (you do not need an account). The designs take one week to create, from the date of payment.

Feel free to email me with any questions & I should be able to get back to you within 24 hours (I do not work on weekends).

All images are copyright by Tiffany Harvey.
The designs are for sale and should not be used in any way
without permission. Images should not be re-posted without a link.